September 5, 2010

A New Direction

It has been a while since I have published my opinions online. Now that I am older, experience a few of life's harder lessons and had more time to think and observe the nature of society, I feel that it is now the most appropriate time to start writing again.

We live in amazing times; science and technology are racing forward, towards previously unattainable climaxes. Yet socially we have not evolved in decades. In our own country millions go without jobs, homes or even food on a daily basis. Around the world the scene is just as bleak. There are places where water and air are just as deadly as the cleaners you find under your sink.

We stand at the precipice of disaster. Yet we have the tools to save ourselves and our world. Will we use them for good, or continue to be selfish and drive our world towards a catastrophic collapse.

Over the course of your time with me, I will present well researched and documented opinions. I want Rocking the Boat to be a place of open and honest and raw discussion. So feel free to comment and tell me what you think. I appreciate constructive comments. Destructive thoughts and obvious disrespect of others will not be accepted.

Society and beliefs are based on a collective opinion, not just of one person. If your opinion is noteworthy I will write a new post based on your ideas. Our future is a collaborative and I ask you brothers and sisters to join me. Only in each others hands can we face an indeterminate future. I will never discuss politics, political parties, religion and other hot-button issues unless absolutely necessary. Even then I will take the stance of a reporter and only state documented facts.

The future can and will be bright. Let us illuminate it together.


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  2. deep stuff man, will follow for more.

  3. ...You're so right...

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  4. @DizZzY: thnx for the support!
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